Historical and Heritage Tour of Delhi

Delhi is one of the most happening places in the world and is a must – visit at least once in your life. One of the oldest cities in India is famous for several heritage monuments significant in the country’s governance. This includes the Sansad Bhawan or Parliament House, President’s House or Rashtrapati Bhavan, India Gate, and many more.

Delhi is definitely a bustling metro city – from innumerable business houses, busy airports, congested traffic, large shopping malls, brilliant roadways, and many other reasons to be chaotic.

On the other hand, there is the peaceful side of Delhi where you can take a fresh walk in its nature parks, and see the architectural historical structures in the city that was re-built during several dynasties.

Here is some information on the Heritage buildings in Delhi:

1. The Red Fort

Year after year, the national tricolor flag of India is hoisted by the prime minister at the Red Fort’s Lahori Gate ever since Independence in the year 1947. The Red Fort marks history with Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru gave his famous speech ‘Tryst with Destiny’ at that time.

The centuries old structure was once the center point of Shah- Jahan’s rule. The voices of happy laughter from women of emperors rings in your ears from Rang Mahal. As you walk down the Diwan-I–Khaas & Diwan–I-Aam you can feel the Persian courtesy in the durbars of the Lal Quila.

Red Fort Delhi

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2. The Rajpath

One of the 3 days ceremony of the Republic Day happens here at the former Kingsway (Ceremonial Axis) or the Rajpath. The President & Prime Minister (and generally a foreign guest) grace the annual parade on the lawned wide lanes of Rajpath.

The colors of the national flat light up the war memorial of India Gate that is situated astride the Rajpath as the country’s war heroes are saluted and respected.

Rajpath Delhi

3. Old Delhi

Traditions are carried out from the times of the Mughals when Shah Jahan ruled Shahjahanabad as it was once called. The Mughals brought in amazing architecture, artifacts and minarets and of course, the Mughali cuisine. It is a similar kind of food carnival of those times that happens at the back of Jama Masjid.

People can taste delectable Nihari for breakfast and Karim’s Mutton ‘Ishtew’. Chandni Chowk is another place that keeps traditions going especially with Silversmith Market by Jahanara, the princess daughter of Emporar Shah Jahan. There are samosas and chaat, Paranthe Wali gali, and sweet delectable like Daulat-ki-Chaat that was popular for being visited by Nehru family too.

Chandni Chowk Delhi

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4. Purana Quila

There are some structures and places in Delhi that date back earlier than the Mughal times right up to the Mahabharata epic mythological times. One of the oldest forts of Delhi, the Purana Quila meaning Old Fort, history dates back to the Pandavas.

The fort that was Emperor Humayun’s house and place of death too also became a place for refugee camps during India’s partitioning in the year of Independence. This structures is now a famous tourist place especially for the ending sound & lights show about the history of the national capital.

So, if you visit this place, stay back for this after visiting the mosque & museum. This spot is also a favorite for Bollywood movies and is a popular lover’s point too.

Purana Quila Delhi

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5. Lutyens Delhi

This part of Delhi is quiet and full of nature and different than the busy and colorful Old Delhi. Lutyens Delhi is more of heritage bungalows, colonial bougainvilleas, and lavish drawing room conversations. This is one of the most expensive bungalows in the lush green side of Delhi with politicos, bureaucrats, and industrialists living in the British Architect – Lutyens Delhi Bungalow Zone.

Historic figures ranging from earlier Prime Ministers of India to the current Prime Minister Staying In Edwin Lutyens brilliant architectural structure. Even the street names in this region is familiar historic figures. The names go – Aurangzeb Road (Now called Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Rd.), Amrita Shergill Marg, Prithviraj Road etc. You can opt for famous luxury train – Palace on Wheels which start their journey from Delhi.

Know more about Palace on Wheels:

Bungalow at Lutyens, Delhi

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6. The Imperial Hotel

This beautiful luxury hotel situated on Delhi’s famous street – Janpath has some historic significance of the olden days. It is said that it was in this 5 – star hotel where Nehru, Gandhi, Jinnah and Mountbatten in Patiala Peg, the hotel’s bar, they spoke about a possible partition. Several artifacts and pieces of colonial art on the walls of this museum – like hotel takes you into the ambiance of the bygone British Raj of Pre- Independence times.

Weather it is the Purana Quila, Old Delhi, Lutyens Delhi, the Rajpath, the Red Fort or even the fine beautiful hotel – The Imperial, they are all structures of India’s history situated in Delhi. So, if you happen to visit Delhi, then take one full day to see these structures that have significance to ancient history.

Imperial Hotel Delhi

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