Interesting Elements That Separates Palace on Wheels from Other Luxury Trains

Palace on Wheels is one of the finest luxury trains in the world for several decades. The train is famous for its amenities and facilities that make the tour more special and luxurious for every traveler. Apart from these, there are five things, which differentiate the Palace on Wheels from other luxury trains in the country.

Our Palace on Wheels Guests
Our Palace on Wheels Guests

Let us ponder over those five elements in this article:

Palace on Wheels Itinerary

Unlike most of the other luxury trains, Palace on Wheels holds only one itinerary. Usually luxury trains chooses to hold numerous itineraries to cover passengers of varying styles and tastes. When it comes to Palace on Wheels, the signature itinerary is designed keeping every style of travel in mind. Thus, Palace on Wheels itinerary includes entertainment, heritage sightseeing, cultural activities, wildlife exploration and children activities in just one package.

Ranthambore National Park
Wildlife Experience

Authentic Design

Every luxury train around the world is aimed at providing the royal experience that was enjoyed by the ancient blue bloods of the world. When trains were first introduced in the world, the royal families rode in a lavishing cabin with all possible amenities. The luxury trains are aimed at providing a similar experience. The Palace on Wheels is a superior to others in providing the exact copy of the saloons that were used by the kings of yesteryear. Palace on Wheels was recognized several times for this authentic decor.


Cuisine is an integral part of the luxury train travel. It is important to provide a luxurious feast to the travelers and every luxury train focuses on this factor. When it comes to the cuisine of Palace on Wheels, the train employs celebrity chefs to provide a menu that changes at every destination to provide the authentic dishes of the state with the fresh produce that gets loaded to the pantry, every day.

Rajasthani Cuisine

Special Attention to Differentially Abled Tourists

Palace on Wheels is one of the very few luxury trains in the world that provides numerous facilities and access to differentially abled tourists like wheelchair, special attendant, creches and others. This allows every tourist in the world to feel welcome to Palace on Wheels. While most of the other trains provide on-call doctor, Palace on Wheels provide a paramedic 24/7 onboard to provide medical services.

Spa Inside Palace on Wheels

Among other interesting facilities, the one that differentiate Palace on Wheels from others is the signature Spa treatments that you can find inside the train. The spa provides exclusive treatments like Thai aromatic massage, Orient Signature, Stone Therapy, Ayurveda massages and many others. Experts and trained masseurs run the spa for ultimate experience of rejuvenation.

Ayurveda and Spa
Ayurveda and Spa


Among the luxury trains of India, Palace on Wheels has been recognized and appreciated by numerous entities and organizations. Many broadcasting channels like Discovery, National Geography, BBC, MTV and others have globally telecasted footages and specialty programs about Palace on Wheels. For its service, decor and style of tourism, Palace on Wheels has been nominated for several awards and has been awarded with numerous prestigious awards like PATA and others. It was also voted as the 4th best train in the world and the best train in the continent.

If you really want to experience the difference that Palace on Wheels could provide to the tourists, you ought to book the signature itinerary for a weeklong luxury experience.

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