Famous Attractions to Visit in Jaipur with Palace on Wheels Trains

The Palace on Wheels gives the most unforgettable experience of Royal ambience of the Kings or Yore. Get a Royal, Warm, and Traditional Welcome at the National Capital of Delhi. The Palace on Wheels is the famous Luxury Train that won several other awards. Travelers feel pampered with world class amenities onboard the Royal Palace on Wheels. Experience the Lifestyle of past Kings and Rulers in the palace –styled interiors for the weeklong tour. Once you feel the warmth of traditional greeting and welcome you get to tour. The first city on the itinerary is the city of Jaipur.

About Jaipur

Founded by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II Jaipur in 1700s this is the first planned city of India. Jaipur is one of the most sought after and famous tourist destinations in India. People from all over the world visit this palatial land of Rajputana Heritage. One of the sightseeing places of Palace on Wheels is the capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur –The Pink City. This is an amazing place dotted with numerous palaces, ancient forts, artificial lakes & safaris. Read on to know the famous attractions to visit on the Royal Tour of Palace on Wheels train.

Palace on Wheels Train
Palace on Wheels Train

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Grand Jaipur Welcome

Kings of past times travelled on top of Royal Elephants under an umbrella to protect from the scorching sun. This is exactly what happens at the Grand Welcome at the Jaipur Station. Experience a unique welcome from elephants like the Kings of olden days. These giant creatures are colorfully dressed up in bright fabric and shining gear. These huge but friendly and adorable elephants will greet you once you enter the station. It is a memory to remember forever.

Elephant Jaipur

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Exciting Activities to do at Jaipur

If you’re lucky you can ride on top of the colorful elephants while sightseeing the monuments of Mughal Architecture. The city of Jaipur boasts of great handicrafts, jewellery & art work. You can shop around for some of these colorful mirror work art & craft, fabric or blue pottery on your way. Get to lunch in retro styled 1135 AD Restaurant. If you tour in January the region celebrates some of the most colorful festivals including Gangaur festival, Teej festival, and Kite Festival. So try and be a part of these exciting celebrations.

Shopping in Rajasthan

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Famous Attractions at Jaipur

The very first famous attraction of the Pink City is the ancient St. Albert Museum. After this visit the giant Sun Observatory to record the movements /timings of the planetary positions. There are several UNESCO World Heritage Sites you will visit including the magnificent Amber Hill Fort Palace. These are only few of them. Some of the structures date back to 16th Century.

Read on to know them in detail.

1.  St. Albert Museum

This is one of the most famous attractions in Jaipur on the Palace on Wheels itinerary. When illumined at night time the oldest museum in the State is a spectacular sight. The Albert Museum Hall functions as State Museum of Rajasthan State. It gives a pleasant feel as it is surrounded by the plush multi colored flora of Ram Nivas Bagh (garden).

St. Albert Museum Jaipur

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2.  Hawa Mahal Palace

The translation of these two words means ‘Wind Palace’. The Maharana Sawai Pratap Singh built the five storey structure with impeccable lattice work for the Royal Ladies. It gives an ethereal look in the sun’s rays and amazing strong winds during hot afternoons. It was built in the year 1799 so the female Royal family members to feel breeze in complete privacy.

Hawa Mahal

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3.  Hill Fort of Amber

Amber Fort is one of the most magnificent structures built in the medieval times. It is known as Amber Fort or Hill Fort of Amber. The structure is situated on top of a large mountain. It showcases an amazing talent of Mughal architecture while displaying Hindu style too. It gives a super view as the Hill Fort Maota Lake borders the gloomy Fort. It is around 11 kilometers far from the Jaipur City Center.

Amber Fort Jaipur

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4.  Jantar Mantar

Sawai Jai Singh who was more than a ruler loved planetary movements so much that he built a massive instrument to record sun’s time. This Royal Sun Observatory was built in the 1700s. Later on five similar structures were built in other cities in India. The Jantar Mantar in Jaipur which is on the tour attraction on the Palace on Wheels itinerary is a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Jantar Mantar

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5.  Jaipur City Palace

This magnificent structure can be called a tiny Royal Town by itself. There are so many spectacular structures within walled in City Palace– Mubarak Mahal and Chandra Mahal to name a few. The structures display Royal Rajputani Style and a blend of Mughal talent with Gothic architectural brilliance. Feast on the splendour and glamour of these most talked about attractions. It may be the Maharani Palace, Baggi Khana, Diwan Aam, Diwan Khaas, and Govind ji Temple.

Mubarak Mahal Jaipur

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