Difference Between Palace on Wheels & Maharajas Express Train

The need to showcase India through the medium of tourism lead to the foundation of luxury trains. The government of India has launched five luxury trains till date.

The tough competition is seen between Palace on Wheels & Maharajas Express Train. Although both equally provide same luxury but still the one is lagging behind due to the following differences.

Awards & Recognition

Palace on Wheels train is voted as the 4th luxurious train in the world, whereas Maharajas Express is voted as the most expensive train in the world.

Palace on Wheels received PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) award in 1987 within few years of its inception. Maharajas Express is voted as the world’s leading luxury train five times consecutively from the year 2012-2016.

Maharajas Express Train is judiciously awarded as the best luxury train at CNBC travel awards 2010, also was the 1st runner up in the specialist train operator category at Conde Nast Travellers Reader’s Choice Awards 2011.

Maharajas Express is widely appreciated & recognized as compared to palace on Wheels which is lagging behind.

Comfort & convenience

For smoother rides pneumatic suspension system is introduced in Maharajas Express. Especially for the tourist from overseas tremulous train rides make difficult for them to have a good sleep.

Facilities like Wi-Fi, live television, attached bathrooms are common in both the rail services, apart from the additional spa facility on Palace on Wheels which is not there on Maharajas Express.

In Maharajas Express the drinks are served in Swarovski crystals & food in golden plated cutlery. Again Maharajas Express is taking the lead by ensuring a way better royal experience than Palace on Wheels in terms of comfort & convenience.

Palace on Wheels Information

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Palace on Wheels consists of one itinerary whereas Maharajas Express has 5 itineraries. The only itinerary offered by Palace on Wheels provides the journey in bulk which revolves around the destinations in Rajasthan, the stories of valor, chivalry & romance, the land of Rajput warriorsand princes of yore.

Moreover there are resplendent forts & magnificent palaces, myriad colours & countless traditions. However the entire journey structure represents the identity of the state.

Now coming to the Maharajas Express it offers more varieties, as more destinations are covered in the five itineraries, of which two golden triangles (Delhi, Jaipur & Agra) are included. The entire tour is spanning over four days.

The destination covered by maharajas Express Train service are Delhi, Agra, Ranthambore, Mumbai, Ajanta, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Udaipur, Balsinor, Gwalior, Orchcha, Varanasi & Lucknow.

Maharaja Express Itineraries
Maharaja Express Information
Maharaja Express Train Guide

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Maharajas Express is considered to be all time favourite by most of the passengers, because it scores much more points ahead than Palace on Wheels in terms of features, safety, space, facilities & hospitality.

But still Palace on Wheels is also preferred on top by some of the tourist if they wish to experience the personal coaches of the erst while Maharajas, Nizams of Hyderabad & viceroys of India and also for couples who wish to experience the romance & elegance of the bygone era.

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