Explore Indian Wildlife with Palace on Wheels Train

Palace on Wheels is a classy luxury train with every element of tourism in it, including wildlife attraction. Sawai Madhopur and Bharatpur destinations are solely dedicated for nature lovers.

Sawai Madhopur: Rathambore National Park

This is located in Sawai Madhopur. This park used to be a hunting ground for royal families of India. Later, this park was dedicated to Project Tiger and now, it is a thriving tourist attraction. Here, you can find a little more than just tigers. The park is a mixture of semi desert and desert landform and are bordered by hills. Some part of the park are plains. You can find numerous other land forms too. This makes this park a thriving place for numerous types of species. You would be able to find many exotic animals like leopard, sambhar, hyena, jackal, cheetah, tiger, sloth bear, elephant and many others here.


Top attractions in the Ranthambore National park are

  1. Tribal cultural performance by a local tribe group, Meena
  2. Night camping and bonfire activities
  3. Exotic safari options like elephant safari
  4. Birdwatching during migration season

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Bharatpur : Keoladeo Ghana National Park

This park is located in Bharatpur. This park is a world heritage site. This park is named after an ancient Hindu temple of Lord Shiva that is located in the middle of the park. This place is for birdwatching. This park has 336 bird species and 117 migration birds among them. The bird sanctuary has marshlands, grasslands and scrubland. Thus, you can find a lot of different types of birds here.

This sanctuary was created 250 years ago. This park used to be the duck hunting grounds for royal families of India. Under the wetland convention of India, this land came under the government and became a sanctuary.

You can find many birds like Siberian crane, common parakeet, cormorants, herons, comb duck, sandpiper, darter, green sandpiper, tufted duck, cotton teal, gadwall, Indian shag, babblers, bulbuls, quails and many others.

You can also spot a few animals like Nilgai, cattle, sambar, mongoose, jungle cat, Asian palm civet, otter, golden jackals, striped hyena and others. In the wetlands you can find 43 species of water based plants. Bullfrog, skipper frog and a few other lizard species are seen here. Python, Russell’s viper, cobra and krait are common in wetlands.


Top things to enjoy in Bharatpur national park are:

  1. Birdwatching
  2. Boat ride during monsoon season
  3. Rickshaw ride or bike ride throughout the park
  4. Lodging inside the park
  5. The ancient temple of Lord Shiva

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Other wildlife encounter

The tour of Palace on Wheels train have a little other wildlife encounters too. Elephant ride and other activities in Amber fort and camel safari in Jaisalmer are notable ones.

Palace on Wheels train is a whole package tourism experience. This tour will help you enjoy the wildlife, exotic, cultural, historic, architectural and tropical beauty of the land.

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