Amazing Things to Do In India while Travelling In Palace on Wheels

Palace of Wheels is one of the esteemed luxury trains of India and it promises the travellers a world class travel experience while on board. You can enjoy every bit of your trip with the best of luxury as it aims to offer you princely Indian hospitality. The interiors of the train are done tastefully to suit the atmosphere of the place. To quote an example, the lounge car has been done in a way that it emits a semi-formal vibe where guests can have relaxed conversations and can socialise.

Now, enjoying on the train, although overwhelming, will be one part, but let us tell you that there are even more amazing things you can plan out for yourself while on a trip through the Palace of Wheels circuit.

Let us guide you through some of the things that you might enjoy:

1. Jungle Safari

Wild safari in the environs of Ranthambore National Park will be a cherishable experience for wildlife enthusiasts. You will get to see certain peculiar species prancing out while on your excursion and catching a look of the big cat: tiger will be such an awe inspiring sight here. Further on the trip you will be taken to explore the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary where migratory birds come flocking to spend some time off from their native places.

Jungle Safari Ranthambore

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2. Epicurean Meals at Luxury Hotels

Oh so good meals at one of the best luxury hotels on the Palace of Wheels circuit will also be an amazing experience. You will not only get to have a taste of various kinds of Indian cuisine but also Chinese, Continental, Italian and what not. Famed five star hotels will appear on the list of these hotels and there will be heritage hotels also where having a meal would give you a royal experience in its true sense.

Palace on Wheels Dining

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3. Desert Delights

Desert is a place where you experience vast nothingness in all directions. It is very peaceful and authentic, especially when it is mixed with Rajasthani cultural delights. So on the palace of wheels circuit, spending an evening in the desert while enjoying dinner and folk performances will one of the tour highlights. It will serve as a treat to your soul.

Thar Desert Rajasthani Culture

4. City Excursions

All the cities on the Palace of Wheels train have a share of their stories to offer to their tourists through the monuments and various ancient heritage sites. You will be taken to grand forts which look like mini cities, palatial royal palaces, bustling markets etc. Taj Mahal which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World will be the topmost attraction here as it has the kind of charm that has made it achieve unmatched international fame.

Taj Mahal, Agra India

5. Sound and Light Show at Agra Fort

When on a halt at Agra, make sure to attend the spectacular sound and light show at the Agra Fort. This show is opened for spectators in the evening and it narrates the story of the grand fort itself. It was primarily started to boost tourism in the city and it has worked wonders because apart from serving the primary purpose it also helps the visitors take back with them the story with amazing visuals.

Sound and Light Show at Agra Fort

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